Sirocco started in 1996 in the middle of the flux and change flowing through South Africa. It was established to work with organisations to guide them in their strategising, and to ensure effective the implementation of their strategies. Implementation depends 100% on the buy-in and commitment of the people in the organisation.

This is a key area in which Sirocco has developed expertise locally and internationally.

The Founder and Leader of Sirocco is Tony Frost, a fifth generation South African, educated at Queen’s College, Queenstown and at the Universities of Natal, Cape Town, South Africa and Wits. He represented South Africa at athletics and was for many years a senior commentator for SATV on Athletics with a highlight being the opportunity to commentate on the Atlanta Olympics. He is a keen photographer and is passionate about education and the natural heritage of our Planet, particularly South Africa.

After spending about five years in a board level marketing position, he worked at top level as Human Resources Director for 20 years.
Tony has delivered presentations at conferences, both locally and internationally, about strategies in business and the importance of people in making the strategy work. He uses the invaluable lessons of our natural heritage to bring these talks alive, to illustrate the points made, to emphasise the critical state of our Planet and the role that people, and organisations can play in fixing it.

He has published articles about organisations, leadership and management; two books entitled “After the Rain” and “Flight at Dawn” as well contributing various chapters on these subjects in other books and publications.

He served 2 years as President of the Institute of Personnel Management (Southern Africa) (1991 & 1992), the largest professional human resource management body in Africa. He was a member of the Advisory Boards of the Wits University School of Business Administration and the Global Forum of the International Society for Human Resource Management. He has served as a member of the Minister of Environment Affairs Advisory Forum (NEAF), the South African Biodiversity Institute, the JSE Sustainability Index Advisory Committee, the NBI Sustainable Futures Advisory Board. For 5 years until February 2007 he was Chief Executive of the WWF in South Africa and served on several the WWF International Strategic Global Committees, the Percy Fitzpatrick Advisory Board and others.

He is a Board member on several educational NGOs and commercial enterprises.

Sirocco works in Collaboration with these key collaborators:


Greg Faasen

Kessel and Smit

Mark Turpin

Kessel and Smit

Pepijn Pillen


Dries Ferreira

Chanelle Houston
and Associates

Chanelle Houston

Nutri la Vie

Jen Wilson

Available books

After the Rain

After the Rain is a uniquely African leadership book that takes the lessons learned from our abundant and diverse wildlife, and recasts them into practical ideas for implementation by anyone, anywhere.

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Global HR Practitioner Handbook: Global Teaming

Tony has written a chapter for the recently published Global HR Practitioner Handbook. His chapter, entitled “Global Teaming – the heart of global success” reviews the importance of global teams for multinational organisations.

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Flight at Dawn

Flight at Dawn is about two journeys: A physical journey into a wildlife reserve; and a spiritual and intellectual journey of the mind as Tony and his two boys explore the landscapes and the species that occupy them.

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