To be a effective your strategy must be clear, effectively communicated and internalised by people at all levels

In order to ensure effective and expert delivery on strategic issues and to ensure that Sirocco itself stays focused and strategic; we have built alliances with experts in their field.

  • We will work with you and your leadership team to create the overall strategic plan.

  • Participate in the identification of appropriate actions and the experts needed to deliver these.

  • When required we will assist in the management of implementation.

To get this right you to ask yourself these key questions:

  • Is your strategy crystal clear, effectively communicated and internalised by all your people?

  • Is this visible in the behaviour of the people in the organisation?

  • Does everyone behave in a way that ensures the sustainability of your business AND the Planet?

  • Do your various social and environmental initiatives contribute to the overall strategy of your organisation?

  • Are these fully integrated into the work of your organisation?

  • Do all your stakeholders experience and believe in these strategies?

  • How do you measure and benchmark your organisational initiatives?

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