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Sirocco strategyLeadership, Teamwork, Institutional Knowledge and Governance

Does your organisation have a clear strategy that has been properly communicated and internalised by all your people?

In order to ensure effective and expert delivery on strategic issues and to ensure that Sirocco itself stays focused and strategic, we have built alliances with experts in their field.  We will work with you and you leadership team to create the overall strategic plan, participate in the identification of appropriate actions and experts needed to deliver on the plan and, when required, manage overall implementation.

Ask yourself these key questions:
  • Does your organisation have a clear strategy that has been properly communicated and internalised by all your people?
  • Do you understand the absolute imperative of behaving in a way that ensures the sustainability of your business AND the Planet?
  • Do your various components of social and environmental initiatives contribute to the overall strategy of your organisation?
  • How integrated are all these elements into the work that your organisation does?
  • Do your people and other stakeholders believe in these strategies and understand the need for them?
  • How do you measure and benchmark your organisational initiatives?

The primary performance differentiator in any organisation is whether or not people are motivated to work together to achieve collective objectives. The achievement of this is no simple task. It is multi-faceted, highly complex, extraordinarily challenging and, when achieved, amazingly motivational.  Sirocco started out specialising in this area and still concentrates much of its energies in researching, networking and implementing the best approaches to assisting organisations capitalise on this potential. 

Sirocco conducts an initial diagnosis of the state of organisational health and the status of any strategies that exist. Once this is complete the strategising process commences. This is an excellent opportunity for the organisation to encourage a common creativity, build communal consensus and achieve collective commitment to the agreed objectives. This collective energy is a crucial component for organisational success.

The next step is most important and must ensure that the strategy is implemented and imbedded in the DNA of every part of the organisation. This is where so many organisations fail. If this is not done the strategy will not be achieved as envisaged.

Wilderness Trails

Leadership and team development for organisations

Critical to the implementation process and to the creation of a compelling brand is a committed and passionate leadership team. The building of such leadership to empower the organisational teams to truly make a difference is a core competency of Sirocco.  It is extraordinarily difficult for teams to remove themselves from their daily pressures. Therefore extraordinary methods need to be employed. The Sirocco team has found that amazing result can be achieved by allowing nature to weave its magic. We use wilderness trails in Big 5 territory to help us to do this - with powerful results!

Wilderness experiences for couples

We live busy, frenetic lives, full of distractions. It is challenging to stay focused on critical life values on one’s own but this is often more difficult when it comes to relationships.

We have little time and space to focus energy on our connection with our life partners. This has many real and potentially unfortunate consequences. Nature has amazing healing and soothing properties. And almost magical powers to make and strengthen bonds and connections.

Sirocco has created special wilderness trails designed especially for couples who wish to develop, mend or strengthen their bond with each other. The trails will take us into Big 5 territory where we will cater for ourselves, sleep out in the wild, walk with the wild and let the wild talk to us in ways that only it can.

The number of trails available are limited. Each trail caters for a maximum of four couples. Make up your own group of eight, or register with us and we will fill the trail for you. You will be accompanied by an experienced facilitator and a qualified and skilled trail guide. 

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is not available to everyone. If you wish to experience it, contact Tony on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +27 83 325 0922.