Everything we experience is a series of beginnings and endings

All living things begin and end. As do the relationships we create, the lives we build. Business ventures, companies, careers, products and services all have beginnings and endings too. Everything we experience begins and ends.

We are constantly moving, constantly changing – that is the simple truth.

Some of these transitions are swift and instant, others slow and dragging.

Some evolutions are welcomed, and some we resist. Trying all we can, to stall and prevent the inevitable. Fearful, that we are losing something we may never experience again.

As we cling, we fail to grasp, that it is in the ending that the new beginning is to be found – this is the natural order of things. If we fail to embrace this universal order, we fail to innovate and we rapidly slide into irrelevance. Continual evolution is demanded now, perhaps, more so than ever.

We are at the zenith of many great culminations. We are at the cusp of a new world that we cannot yet imagine because of the swiftness with which this pandemic has engulfed the world.

As our inventiveness propelled us into a rapidly evolving era of intelligence mastery – we become obliged to abandon some long-standing concepts that had been trusted guides and support for generations.

So now our inventiveness is going to have to be harnessed like never before to build a new world order that will likely be very different from what we knew before. The world economy will have changed; relationships will have been altered forever; our fearfulness of the unknown will have increased; businesses and organisations we were used to may have ceased to exist or altered so much as to be almost unrecognisable.

And yet we are the same human species that has made the biggest impact on the Planet, for good and for bad. We are the same human species that has become ubiquitously all-pervasive.

We are the same human species that, when gathered together acting as one, can achieve the almost impossible.

It is this latter trait of humanity that is needed now! More than ever before.

Unlike the world wars of the past this time we are all facing one common, if insidious, vicious and invisible enemy that kills quickly and does not discriminate in any way.

Just as the models of education that have carried us thus far are failing at an alarming rate, so, too, are our governmental, societal and healthcare systems totally unprepared for an apocalyptic calamity such as the one we are now experiencing.

Our courageous and adventurous human spirit, and our boundless creativity will need to be energised at every level in society for us to find new ways of doing old things.

The time and moment for a deeper, more meaningful enquiry into our personal, social and economic evolution has arrived.

We must acknowledge that nothing changes if, nothing changes – and we must act on recognising that.  It was Einstein who said that if you continue to do the same things day after day after day and expect tomorrow to be any different, that is the height of insanity!

It is therefore an imperative that we change; change our thinking; change our behaviour; change our outlook and expectations of the future. We can indeed make life better and more beneficial to many more people.

We must change. This is no longer a choice if we wish humanity not only to survive but to thrive.

We must rise to the demands of our own higher intelligence – which somehow knows it is time to embrace the alternative – in order to survive.

Start by looking at your neighbour. What can you do together to make life better for all those around you? Have more street parties; rely less on social media and more on social interaction; think of options not constraints; think forward not backwards. The past is only a point of reference, not a place of residence. Treat it like that.

The world we discover at the end of this global war will be completely changed. Are we ready for it? Have we allowed ourselves to change? How have we prepared ourselves to embrace the brave new world that awaits is?

As a new dawn approaches, we must be prepared to embrace all that the Sunrising brings.

With thanks to Graeme Butchart for some of the original ideas

Written by : Sirocco Strategy Management

Sirocco was established to work with organisations to guide them in their strategising, and to ensure effective the implementation of their strategies. Implementation depends 100% on the buy-in and commitment of the people in the organisation.


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